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Why Choose Us

A Friend of the Family.

Creating a Priceless Experience as you
Remember & Celebrate a Life

In keeping with our logo, we are "A Friend of the Family" with gentle guidance and reliable counsel. You can expect prompt answers, sound information and careful attention to detail as we support you in arranging and carrying out a celebration of life for you loved one.

As a full-service funeral company, Johnson Family provides a complete range of services, and we are ready to respond around the clock, 365 day a year 24 hours a day. From customary funerals followed by burial or cremation to the simplest ceremonies, we are able to assist you with any and all memorial decisions. We can help you in arranging for flowers, catering, choice of cemetery property, and monuments and marker selections to lighten the burden of the tasks associated with memorial arrangements.

Informed people make wise decisions, therefore funeral arrangements are conducted with candid discussion about costs, financial ability and the meaning and value around your choices.

It's Amazing How Much Difference One Call Can Make!


People. Facilities. Service

Just as no two families are alike, so also, no two funeral homes are alike. Our goal is to help you design a ceremony which reflects the life of your family member and your personal wishes. This means offering choices, honoring one's beliefs...and the willingness to go the "extra mile." We take time to personalize the memorial experience so it has lasting meaning and value.



Knowledgeable. Experience. Professional.

  • A compassionate team: caring, concerned and conscientious.
  • An attitude of open-mindedness and flexibility to embrace the uniqueness of each family, and the choices and preferences of our diverse clientele.
  • Well-versed in local customs, and protocols and rituals of the broad variety of religious and ethnic groups.
  • Respect and openness toward all creeds, races and lifestyles.
  • Active in the civic affairs or communities, and in the forefront of bereavement care.
  • A positive working relationship with all communities of faith, hospice, medical institutions and cemeteries.
  • A staff that complements their skills with advanced training in customer care and professional funeral service practice.


Tasteful. Comfortable. Spacious.

  • Thoughtfully designed - pleasant, spacious, and comfortable for large or small, informal or formal receptions.
  • Parking accommodations on-site.
  • Professionally groomed yard and grounds.
  • Comfortably furnished and well-lit. Not somber in décor.
  • Multi-Media capabilities with audio recording and playback, and DVD Tribute production.
  • State-of-the-Art presentation areas for the many choices associated with cremation.
  • Computer technology to fully customize service folders and other printed items. These beautiful remembrances include color photos and graphics.


Excellence. Dignity. Thoughtfulness.

  • Many years of collective experience in funeral service.
  • As a full-service firm, we are "one-stop", able to look after all details of memorial planning.
  • We are the preferred choice because of our many specialized services, such as owning and operating our crematory.
  • We process life insurance, veteran's benefits, and provide vital resource material for estate settlement and grief management.
  • We're innovative - and we take the time to create experiences that are meaningful for both family and community.
  • Our company is one of only a handful of funeral homes to own and operate our own crematory. This means your loved one never leaves our care.

Over several years our company has enabled people to "say goodbye" with sensitivity and dignity. Giving more than expected, and responding to the needs and circumstances of every family, is what sets us apart.